Marie-Louise Hildebrand


Strategic Marketing Consulting/ Interim Management

  • Evaluation and implementation of marketing strategies to support the company's overall objectives
  • Development of efficient strategies and business plans for all marketing aspects (branding, product promotions, POS)
  • Ability to apply marketing techniques over digital (e.g. social media) and non-digital (e.g. press, OOH, POS) channels
  • Development of marketing plans and overseeing its day-to-day implementation
  • Determination and tracking of KPIs for marketing department
  • Organization of marketing functions and operations - ensuring clear team responsibilities and 360 degree communication
  • Design and coordination of promotional campaigns, Brand, Product, PR, POS and other marketing efforts across all channels (print, OOH, digital)
  • Experience in building a highly efficient team of marketing professionals
  • Creation of solid network of strategic partnerships
  • Consultant with both creative and analytical capabilities
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities 
  • Business languages: German, English, Spanish, French

Trade- and Retail Marketing Consulting

  • Implementation of global standards for the POS (visual communication, events, overall guidelines)
  • Marketing consulting and planning for retail stores, franchise and wholesale partners
  • Continuous market research to improve the overall retail marketing strategy
  • Support of sales teams by providing appropriate tools, materials and presentations
  • Development and distribution of print materials and customer content, shop essentials and packaging

Coaching and Training

  • Marketingtrainings and -coaching
  • Change Management